Crackle White (Pint)

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One of the Stoneware crackle glazes, which were developed for mid-range firing temperatures where a fine crackle pattern will develop with 2-3 coats.

Cone 5/6 to 10.

General Appearance

Cone 6:  Crackle White is a bright white gloss glaze that develops a fine crackle pattern. Works well on stoneware and porcelain bodies and produces crackle patterns at midrange temperatures.

Cone 10:  Turns an orange-brown and pools white in texture when thick. The glaze does not crackle.


  • Crackle pattern works best with a thicker application.
  • After firing, wipe an acrylic or ink over the ware and wipe off, allowing the ink to fill and highlight the cracks.
  • The thickness of the glaze and the cooling rate will affect the crackle formation. We recommend you start with three brushed-on coats and use a medium firing program.
  • Always test prior to use.

Certified as AP Non-Toxic when used according to manufacturer's directions, but NOT Dinnerware Safe due to the durability of the fired glaze.  Recommended for ornamental use only.

One Pint (16 oz.)