Yellow Terra Sigillata (Pint)

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Terra Sigillata (or "earth seal") is a slip containing very fine particles. After application, simple polishing with your hands or a soft cloth will shine terra sigillata to a high gloss. The smooth surface is ideal for decoration, especially with smoke firing and other primitive techniques. After firing you will have a smooth, weather-resistant coating much like a glaze. The white, red and tan slips can be inter-mixed to yield different tones. 

How to Make a Finer Slip:

The terra sigillatas are ball milled for forty-eight hours with deflocculant. Water is added to a standard dilution, and the slip is then bottled and ready to use. Stir the entire bottle including the hard layer in the bottom. As it settles, the terra sigillata will yield a finer product.

Application and Firing:

Terra sigillata can be applied by spraying, dipping, or brushing at all stages of construction. Apply several coats and burnish or simply polish with your hands or a soft cloth when damp/dry to the touch. Polish between coats for the glossiest surfaces.

*Terra sigillata can be fired at any temperature, but the polished surface will start to break down when fired over cone 04. Use as a slip/engobe up to cone 10 and above.

Pint (16 oz.)