Alberta Slip (Albany Substitute)

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Alberta Slip is a clay formulated to substitute for Albany Slip, which is no longer available.  Like Albany, Alberta Slip is a low-melting, iron-stained clay, but it is more consistent since it is made from a blend of raw materials.

Alberta Slip is highly resistant to crazing and applies well to greenware and bisque.  Glazes with Alberta slip are consistent and functional, and are easy to apply.  It can be used with ceramic stains for various applications.  Alberta slip is more plastic (less silty), so recipes containing larger proportions may shrink and crack during drying.  If you are using 40% or more (with no other clay), you need to calcine about half of the Alberta.

You can use Alberta Slip at 100% (raw:calcine mix) to create a chocolate brown glossy glaze at cone 10.

One full bag is 44 pounds. Smaller quantities available.

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