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A high iron, fine-particle, low fire, secondary clay used in glazes and clay bodies where a low temperature clay is required.  Fires to a red-brown color with approximately 14% shrinkage at cone 1.   Red Art is not very plastic on its own, but it is frequently used in terra cotta, and in smaller amounts for color in stonewares.  Red Art will flux at high temperatures and can be used in or as a low-fire slip.

One full bag is 50 pounds. Smaller quantities available.

Notice on Red Art

You may notice a difference in the raw color of Red Art. However, there's no need to worry!

Red Art is typically a brick red color-although variations in the raw color are common. Resco Products-our Red Art supplier-is currently mining it in the yellow and green seam area, so the raw color is yellow and green. However, the raw color will shift back to brick red in the future. Most importantly, even if the raw Red Art is yellow and green, it converts to the usual red when it is fired.

If you have further questions about Red Art, please call us.

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