Silica 200 Mesh

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Also known as Quartz or Flint, it is the most common source of silica in clay bodies and glazes.  Silica increases the thermal expansion in clays and decreases thermal expansion in glazes.  Potters use it to raise the melting point in glazes.  The 200 mesh is usually used in clay bodies.

200 Mesh.

Comes in 50-pound bags. The price listed is the maximum per pound cost. We reserve the right to change pricing without notice due to the current market conditions. See table below for full-bag and quantity discounts.

Quantity Discount
5 lb. -9.0%
10 lb. -18.0%
25 lb. -25.0%
50 lb. -33.0%
100 lb. -42.0%
500 lb. -50.0%
1000 lb. -52.0%
2000 lb. -54.0%
6000 lb. -58.0%

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